Aligning Narragansett's Zoning Laws: NTRA's Push for Ordinance Amendment

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As Chair of the Narragansett Town Residents Association (NTRA), I recently presented a letter to the Narragansett Planning Board, advocating for a key change in our town's zoning laws.

Dated November 27, 2023, my letter proposes aligning our Four Unrelated’s Ordinance with the newly enacted Three-Student Ordinance.

Drawing from my experience as the former chair of the Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Zoning, I argue for the necessity of this amendment: limiting the number of unrelated individuals in a single-family residence to three. This proposal is grounded in recent legal precedents and the strong support it has received from our community members.

I believe this change is essential for maintaining consistency in our local ordinances and addressing the community’s evolving needs.

I invite you to read the full details of this proposal in my letter, as it outlines the broader context and significance of this change for Narragansett.


Picture of Harold Schofield

Harold Schofield

Harold Schofield Chair, Narragansett Town Residents Association (NTRA)